How does a child get left behind? One day at a time!

Judge yourself by the strength with which you faced the challenges in your path.

Ask yourself, by your actions, have you changed things for the better?

Information and Education are Vital to your Success!

To repair a car you donít bring a screw driver, you bring the whole tool box.

Self-mastery is the primary building block of character and performance.

To be truly happy, you need a clear sense of meaning and purpose in life.

We get a living out of what we make. We get a life out of what we give.

You can tell how important something is today by measuring its potential future impact on your life.

Investing time in your children and your spouse is a very valuable, high-priority use of your time. 

Every sacrifice that you make today will be rewarded with interest in the future that lies ahead.
Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although
difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem and personal satisfaction