Our Primary Mission is to help other parents get a Free and Appropriate Public Education for their children with special needs, with all the services and/or accommodations their children need in order to receive the same educational opportunities as every other child. To fulfill this mission we have broken it down into the following Goals;



Goal 1: To foster a working partnership between educators, parents, students and the community with one goal in mind, the best interest of our children. We intend to accomplish this goal several ways.


* By soliciting the viewpoints, concerns, complaints, opinions and objectives of as many individuals with involvement in Special Education as possible. This would include anyone with a disability, their parents, family members and friends as well as teachers and other educators and administrators.


* By encouraging everyone to learn as much about the child's disability and the individual child as possible, to communicate clearly and often, and to work together effectively as part of the child's "team" and support group.

* By asking Educators to take an "Educator's Oath to Parents and Students" affirming simply that their only concern is the best interest of the children placed in their care.


* By asking Parents to educate everyone involved in their child's education, about their child and his/her unique needs, and to only ask for an accommodation or placement that they are certain that their child needs in order to have every possible opportunity to participate in the same activities and learning experiences and receive the same quality of education that each and every one of the other children their school district receives.



Goal 2: To stop children with special needs being placed outside the General Education setting unless every opportunity has been made to include that child without regard to cost or financial constraints and to make all of the tools each child needs to achieve their maximum potential available and accessible Without Negotiation or Herculean Effort on their parent's part.


* We intend to accomplish this goal by holding those schools accountable. We hope to  establishing a State Commission on Quality of Education for Individuals with disabilities with the power to audit schools and reward compliance as well as impose fines for non compliance.



Goal 3: To give all our of children the courage to explore the world outside their comfort zone, to encourage their creativity and original thinking, to inspire them to take chances and to keep them challenged and engaged. To give them the confidence to believe in themselves and to realize that they can do anything and be anything, that their future truly is unlimited!


* We intend to accomplish this goal by accomplishing goals one and two!


Here are a few recommendations that we have come up with so far. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or opposing viewpoints we will be glad to post them on our site. Simple email them to alucky2@aluckyboy.com or go to our guest page and post them there for everyone to see. We hope the ones we have come up with so far will prove useful in helping everyone work together for the common good of our children.  They are as follows:



For Educators:

1. Make the parents as comfortable with you and the IEP process as possible.

    Be as personable in your correspondence to parent as possible.

    Be as reassuring and supportive as possible.

    Put yourself in the parent’s shoes.

    Show them that you understand that this can be a stressful time.

    Tell them that you know that the process can sometimes be overwhelming.

    Tell them that you are here to help them in any way we can.

2. Instill confidence and trust that they have placed their child’s future in safe hands.

    Tell them that your only concern is the best interest of their child.

    Tell them that you will treat their child as if he were your own child.

    Tell them that their child will have the same opportunities as every other child.


3. Reassure the parents that you are committed to the letter and the spirit of  I.D.E.A.

    Tell them that you firmly believe in the “No Child Left Behind” philosophy.

    Tell them that no decisions will be made based on cost, budgets or any financial issues.

    Tell them that their child will not be discriminated against because of his/her disability.

    Tell them that you believe all children should be in General Education whenever possible.

    Tell them that you believe the key to quality education for everyone is Inclusion.


4. Make the parents active participants in the development of their child’s IEP.

    Tell them that you want to communicate with them and to work together effectively as a team.

    Ask the parents for their input to help you make informed decisions concerning their child.

    Tell them that a parent always knows their own child the best and that you need their help.


5. Make the IEP process as understandable and as stress free as possible.

    Provide ample time to consult with parents, if necessary, outside the normal work day.

    Go over how you develop an IEP and how they can help.

    Provided parents with all the information they need to understand the process

    Tell them that when you are finished they will be pleased and reassured with the results.


For Parents:

1. Educate everyone involved about your child and his/her unique needs.

2. Develop a Vision Statement for your child and share it with everyone involved.

3. Tell them about your child, his history, his likes, his personality.....everything.

4. Let them know in advance what you want for your child.

5. Send them pictures of your child and if possible let them meet your child.



This site is for the private use of Thomas' family, teachers, therapists and friends as well as anyone

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