Make a Better System

Photo Gallery 

I.    Introduction 

A.    What YOU wanted me to say

B.    Group Hug

C.    Clapping

D.    Our common bonds

E.    Respect

F.    Struggles

G.    Expectations


III.  Highlights   

A.    Some of what we learned

B.    Moments that Inspired

C.    Changed our lives


IV.  The System is Broken:

A.    Little Dutch Boy

     1. No Value

     2. Preparing for Life

     3. Shattered Dreams

     4. Is this the answer?

B.    We need a Better System

C.    Lets Make a Better System

D.   Ideas


V.    Closing

A.    Knowledge gives us Power

B.    Power makes us Responsible

C.    We have to USE what we have learned

E.    Friendships we have made


VI.  Thank You


Thank you again for the opportunity I have been given to share my thoughts with you.


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